PFT Instructions

PFT (Complete Pulmonary Function Test)

Your study is scheduled in our office on _________ at __________
Please plan to be in our office for approximately 60 minutes.

This test will help determine how well your lungs are working and whether medicines will help improve your breathing. The tests are painless and will require you to breathe in different ways into a machine called a plethysmograph. This is the most sophisticated pulmonary function testing equipment available.

Preparation for this study is:

1. Do not use any inhaled medications the day of your test (this includes nasal sprays). If you feel you must take your inhalers, please check with us first.
2. Do not wear lipstick (chapsticks are acceptable).
3. Do not wear perfume, cologne or after shaves -- if you have asthma, these may affect your test. Additionally, other asthmatic patients visiting our office during that time may be adversely affected by these scented products.
4. Wear loose fitting clothes as this will make you more comfortable during the test.
5. Eat a moderate meal 2 - 3 hours prior to test, we don't want you to arrive too hungry, nor too full.
6. No coffee, chocolate, tea or soda at least 6 hours prior to the test. (NO CAFFEINE)

24 hours cancellation notice is required!



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