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Andrew Newman, M.D. F.C.C.P., is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Ocean Medicine Foundation, which improves the health of people on islands by increasing the quality of island-based healthcare and by preventing the global spread of infectious disease and epidemics.

He is also the Chairman Emeritus of Stanford University's Health Information Management Committee overseeing the use of computers for clinical activity at Stanford Hospital. He has participated in the development of information systems at Stanford for the past 25 years and has consulted with IBM, Oasis, Bell Atlantic and IDX in this capacity.

Dr. Newman works with advanced technology in pulmonary diagnostics and endoscopic surgery and sits on the medical advisory board of Bronchus, Asthmatx, Aperon, REDmedic, Acueity and RadioFrequency Technology. In his clinical practice, Dr. Newman specializes in pulmonary diseases, and undersea and sports medicine.

He acts as a consulting physician for the Dive Alert Network (DAN) and has cared for Olympic athletes as well as other professional athletes with sports related respiratory problems. He has led physician seminars on the use of new pharmaceuticals for the treatment of asthma and COPD for Merck, Glaxo and Scherring.

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